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Alan Beckstead

A Donor’s Generosity Elevates UTSA Art Collection for Generations to Come

Alan Beckstead’s commitment to UTSA libraries is evident in his significant donations and his drive to foster a deep appreciation for the arts. In June 2022 he and his partners, Daniel Lerma and Steve Annala, generously named UTSA as a future beneficiary of their retirement accounts to support the Arturo Almeida Art Collection Endowment for the library’s art collection and student art programs. In addition, Alan recently donated 116 pieces of art from his personal collection, which includes a notable lithograph by Andy Warhol and a range of pieces showcasing San Antonio’s local artistry.

Alan’s strong connection to UTSA has been deeply influenced by his friendship with UTSA’s art curator, Arturo Almeida, which spans more than two decades. Their first joint venture was at the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, where Arturo supported Alan in organizing art silent auctions. This collaboration blossomed further when Alan served on the board, and eventually as president, of the Artist Foundation of San Antonio. Throughout these roles, Almeida was a consistent pillar of support, helping Alan source art from local talents and even orchestrating a catalog for an exhibit.

It is their shared passion for art and their enduring friendship, that inspired Alan to support the Arturo Almeida Art Collection Endowment.

“This collection embodies both uniqueness and diversity with a host of art made with different paints, fabrics, and materials,” said Alan. “I’m eager for incoming art students, especially those unfamiliar with a range of artistic techniques, to explore and draw inspiration from it.”

With the 114-piece collection valued at over $650,000, Alan has additionally named the endowment as a beneficiary of his retirement plans. With these commitments, Alan’s total contribution to UTSA approaches $1 Million. His generosity ensures that UTSA will continue to be a beacon for art appreciation and education for years to come.

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